H and H Residential

Advice for Vendors

A few tricks of the trade to help turn for sale, to sold!

We will do our utmost to show your property in a good light to as many people as possible but there are some things that you can do too.

A fresh coat of paint is a good start, beginning, perhaps, with the front door but take a look at the windows and even the garden gate, if you have one. Whilst you're at at give the garden a tidy, too. A first-time buyer might be put off by damp stains caused by a minor leakage get it fixed and painted over.

Nobody expects to walk into a show-house but a tidy environment will almost certainly create a good impression.

In winter, have lights on during the day time and check that all the bulbs are working. If you have a fireplace, get a cosy fire going.

In summer, draw back those curtains and open the freshly cleaned windows.

Plug-in air-fresheners or scented candles make a room smell fresh.

A positve sign is if a buyer sits down - they clearly feel comfortable so make sure that there isn't too much clutter on the coffee table and there is an easy route to the sofa or armchair.

If you need any other tips, our Sales Negotiators will be happy to help.

Please email selling@handhresidential.co.uk or call your local branch.