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Our experienced lettings negotiators need as much information as possible about the type of property you are looking for and are experts in helping you find your ideal property home.

You can either:

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Searching for property

With a clear understanding of your requirements we will compile a selection of all properties that match your criteria. Viewings can often be arranged immediately. At your request, SMS Property Alert enables the latest property information to be instantly transmitted directly to your mobile phone whilst simultaneously a full colour brochure will be sent direct to you by email.


Viewings can be conducted by appointment between 9am - 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays - on Sundays and bank holidays by appointment only.

Selecting a property

Once you've identified a suitable property and supplied us with details of referees, references will be applied for and your information will be forwarded to the landlord for acceptance.

Tenancy agreement

Once the landlord confirms that they would like to proceed we will draw up the relevant legal paperwork, forming an agreement to be signed by both parties.


An inventory of the contents and condition of the property is usually produced prior to commencement of the tenancy. This will be supplied to both landlord and tenant.

Rent and deposit

An advance rental payment is required prior to the commencement of the tenancy. A rental deposit is also required from the tenant. This will be reimbursed to you at the end of the tenancy, subject to the details of your agreement and the findings of the inventory check-out report.

There are no admin costs when renting properties with us.